Can I organize my UpShot into projects ?

Yes !
On UpShot, you can organize your UpShots into projects ... or not. It's your call.
UpShot doesn't force you to create a project before sending a creation to your customer.

How do I group my UpShots in a project ?

UpShot works on the "smart folders" principle. As many other applications.
To do this, the first thing you have to do is to put significant tags on each UpShot (at least the on you want to classify)
Then, you just have to make a search on one or more tags. A new button will appear above the search results : "Create Smart Folder".
If you click on this button, a new folder will appear in you "My folders" bar on the right side of your Dashboard.
Each new UpShot with the same tag as the one related to your smart folder will be automatically added to this folder.
CAREFUL : When an UpShot is in a folder, it doesn't appear in the Dashboard anymore.

How can I had a comment on an UpShot?

To add a note to an UpShot, just double-click on this UpShot's image. A note will appear, you will just have to keyboard a comment and click on "Save"!

How long does it take for an invitation to arrive to my client?

It should be blazing fast (well like all emails it sometimes takes a bit of time).
If it didn't get to destination, the mail might have gone to the "spam" box of your client or the email adress may not be well typed.

What happens when I invite someone? Does it create him an account?

Yes. We create un account for your customer who will have an interface looking like yours, but "lighter".
A user can be customer of another user, he won't have 2 account, but will simply see appearing in its interface the list of his "MockUps".

What kind of pictures can I upload?

All those accepted by classic browers (.png, .jpg, etc).
We do not limit the pixel size of the pictures you send but they must be under 2mo.

I uploaded a CMYK picture and I can't see it, what happened?

Unfortunatly, Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer can't handle CMYK pictures.
We are currently working on a function to allow you to convert your pictures from CMYK to RGB. It should be available on our UpShot page soon.

I've created an "UpShot", but I didn't send it to anyone.
If now I want to send it to someone, how should I do?

To add clients you just have to click on "Edit this UpShot !".
Once saved, changes will be applied immediately, and your clients will receive their invitation mails instantly.