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  • UpShots:

    An UpShot is an uploaded image attached to one or several customers or collaborators. Each one of them will be able to leave comments.

  • Customers:

    Customers represent users that will comment your creations. Unlike “Creative people”, they can not create UpShots.

  • Users:

    Users are the creatives who will send UpShots. They can handle/administrate UpShots regarding their rights.

  • Branding:

    Your band, your logo, your colors... These elements are really important in the design world. That's why we provide advanced branding so that your customers always feel like they are at “your place”.

  • Storage:

    We're aware of you storage needs. That's why the limit is high, so that it will never bother you.

  • Trial:

    All our paying plans have 30 days of free trial. It allows you to really test our tool. No commitment, no card number is required.